• Group of Boulevard®

    Compact, medium-sized clematis with repeat flowering from early spring to late summer. These clematis flower evenly from the very bottom of the plant, not just at the top.

    The plants in this collection are healthy, winter-hardy and easy to grow. BOULEVARD® Floral (100-150 cm) can be placed indoors as flowering house plants before they are planted outdoors. BOULEVARD® Patio (150-200 cm) are...

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  • Group of Garland®

    Varieties in the GARLAND® collection are richly flowering with up to 20-30 flowers per plant. Numerous flowers are elegantly displayed when wrapped on a hoop. Flowering pots are extremely long-lasting, up to eight weeks, indoors.

    After flowering in winter they are ready for planting outdoors in spring. Cultivate outdoors as other garden clematis on the trellis, tree or wall.


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  • Group of Regal®

    These beautiful clematis have double or semi-double flowers. The flowering period is long - from late spring until autumn. During subsequent flowering, the flowers are also double or semi-double which is rare for clematis.

    They can be grown on trellises and pergolas or in pots on the patio or balcony.

    Pot size: 12-19 cm
    Height: 150-200 cm

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