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Welcome to the homepage of Nursery Tuszynscy

Nursery 'Tuszyńscy' shares the tradition of three generations in cultivating ornamental plants. The company has grown from a traditional family nursery into Polish leading young plant nursery based at two locations – greenhouses in Szamoty and a micropropagation laboratory in Otrębusy. Nowdays it is run by Grzegorz and Monika Tuszynscy.
We specialize in mass in-vitro plant production under sterile conditions. In 2013 we established new, most technologically advanced lab where we produce disease –free , high quality young plants .
Our mission is complex cooperation with recognized breeders to launch new cultivars on the market in relatively short period of time. The use of micro propagation makes us a link between breeders and wholesalers.
We supply stage III cuttings directly from our laboratory or weaned young plants from the greenhouse.
All young plants are acclimatized in over a 1 hectare in area modern greenhouses and distributed by brokers network in Poland, Europe as well as oversees.
We offer wide range of ornamental young plants , many of them are produced on exclusive contracts.
We are proud to announce we have established cooperation with worldwide known plant breeders such as Poulsen Roser A/S, David Kerley & Co, Terra Nova Nurseries ,Inc., Plantipp BV, Planthaven , Marco Van Noort Breeding BV.
We continue to upgrade our assortment with novelties to meet expectations of our demanding customers.
We constantly improve and develop our company by introducing new technologies and solutions both to the In vitro laboratory and the greenhouse.
Our employees are our value as thanks to their daily work and engagement we can provide you with our high quality products. We care about their safety and strongly believe that employee-friendly workplace culture is a key to company success.

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